Pow Wow

Both sides of my family lay claim to a famous Native American ancestor. And although I doubt that I'm descended from Pocahontas or Sacajawea, I will admit to a slight obsession with headdresses. I mean, look at these babies:

I figured it was about time I made myself one. What else am I supposed to wear to a concert at the beach next weekend? Duuhhh.

Headdress Headband

Step 1: buy some feathers, some fabric (you'll need it for the inside of your headband and the outside), some suede string, and dig through your drawers for beads and shells and jingle bells and whatever your inner Indian desires.

Step 2: Measure how long you want your headdress and cut out two strips of fabric, about an inch wide. (I used a piece of furniture tie-down rope for the outside of mine)

Step 3: Glue about 35 feathers, evenly spaced, to the wrong side of one strip of fabric. Let it dry, then glue the other piece of fabric to your headband, wrong sides together. You'll now have two strips of fabric glued together with a row of feathers in between them.

Step 4: Measure and cut eight pieces of suede string. Six of them will hang down, two of them will be used to tie behind your head.

Step 5: Tie more feathers to random pieces of suede. Add yer charms and whatnot.

Step 6: Get your tomahawk and scalp some white people.

Just watch out for sudden wind gusts.

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