Hmm, the more I look at that ArTuesday header, the weirder it looks. I might be changing that later. Anywho, welcome to Tuesday, I hope you're doing well.

I love all kinds of art, I've been painting, drawing, sculpting, etc. since I was little. Recently I've started sketching a lot more, and I've developed a kind of style that works for me. So, after being strongly encouraged by family and friends, I posted my drawings on Etsy to see if I could sell any. I currently have ten drawings, and ten smaller ACEO versions of them as well. I've sold two prints, and two ACEO's. If you want to check out the shop, there's a mini showcase thing on the right somewhere. Selling on Etsy is a really great experience, and I encourage everybody to give it a try.

For the art lovers, not practitioners, you should really check out Hi-Fructose magazine, and their website as well, for some quirky underground art. I have to warn you, this stuff is bizarre. There is artistic nudity, and gore, and occasional vulgar language. I've bought two magazines from Borders and check on the site's RSS frequently, and there hasn't been much to offend me, but be on the lookout. One of the most amazing artists I've found through Hi-Fructose is Stella Im Hultburg.

Her work is so elegant and mellow, but they all give off this faint creepiness. Mmm, irresistable. I especially love the colors and how she uses tea stained paper, which makes it so organic and earthy. Of course, she's asian. Asian women are going to take over the world, one canvas at a time.

Anyway, thanks for tuning in this Tuesday. See you tomorrow. :)

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