Yup, you read it right, it's Wednesday Do It Yourself Day. I am huge fan of DIY. It's cheap, it's creative, and it's useful. And oh-so-fulfilling. One of my favorite places to go for tutorials and inspiration is Threadbanger. A mite cheesy, with its steampunk specials and strange but loveable hosts Rob and Corrine, but full of great resources. The blog, the videos, the tutorials, the forum (fun but addictive), all are entertaining and helpful. I encourage you to check it out.

Now let's get down and dirty baby, check it out (and if you click it, you can see it a tad bit better on Flickr)...

Top and middle left: clothesline photo display, $3.00 (mini clothespins and string of black hemp from Beverly's)

Middle right: Fabio the Mug (My twelve year old sister made this in art class! Amazing, right?)

Middle and bottom right: custom art lampshade, free (black sharpie on previously owned lampshade)

Bottom left: feather headband, $2.50 (feathers and black satin ribbon from Beverly's, headbands from Dollar Tree)

So, all cheap (or free) and all fabulous. Now get out there and sharpie some crap.

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