Foodie Thursday

Yay, it's Thursday. And that means.... food! Yummy yummy. I'm writing this as my mom is cooking soup. The scents are harrassing me, because all I've eaten is a chocolate croissant, honey mustard pretzels, and nabisco cakesters all day. Fun, fun.

The best cooking blog in the world (and coincidentally the only one about food that I read) is Joy the Baker. This chick is adorable, humorous, and scandalously talented at procuring unique and tantalizing recipes frequently. Her stories alone (oftentimes related to food, my favorite thing in the world) are worth checking out, even if you don't try a recipe... Actually, I have a confession, I haven't tried any of her recipes. Yet. But I get an urge to whip out the confectioner's sugar whenever I see things like this and this.

For those of you interested in actual food products that I've actually made.... I'd like to now direct your attention to the recipe found here. Best. Cookies. In the world. Honestly, I don't even know why I'm showing you this, this recipe should be sealed, laminated, and stored in the family vault. But hey! No one reads my blog, so I think I might be safe.

I have nothing else for you today. I wish I could show something more of interest, but I'm stressing about my aunt's wedding tomorrow. I'll be standing by her throughout the ceremony, holding flowers, wearing a burgundy nightmare, trying not to fall asleep or freeze into a strapless gowned ice cube. I'm so excited!!! Talk to you later lovelies.

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