We're Fated To Pretend :: Music Monday

Ah, hello and welcome to another Music Monday.

Most people already know about Pandora, and if you don't, you've been missing out on one of the greatest gifts the internet has given us in the world of music. Pandora is totally free internet radio with no ads. Even better than listening to free music, is that you simply enter a favorite song or artist, and they play hours of lovely related tunes, helping you discover your next favorite band. Sometimes you get really annoying, crappy music. When that happens, give it a thumbs down and Pandora will never, ever play it again. If Pandora was a person, he'd father my children.

Another nonperson concept that would vie for paternity would have to be the band MGMT. I've listened to their music once before, just a taste of their song "Youth." Putting it lightly, I wasn't impressed. I found it annoying and the music video creepy. But after hearing their song "Kids" at my uncle's house (the supreme techno and anime lord of central California) I decided, reluctantly, to give them another try. Oh yummy yummy. This is the stuff of teen years. If you are young, conflicted, mirthful, or all three, this music will reach into your soul and pull out your wisdom teeth. Yes, it's that good. The only link I'll post to their music is the fanvid for Kids, because the rest is pretty much all about drugs. But the beautiful thing about music, (and art, and literature, and everything else in the world) is that the listener defines the message. So for me, it's not about drugs, it's about going from swing sets and barbie weddings to college transcripts and real, intense, you-and-one-other-person-stuck-together-for-the-rest-of-your-entire-lives weddings. And being both happily awed and scared out of my mind. Good stuff.

And if techno is your bag, I found three more artists that will have you doing the robot at your laptop. If it so moves you.

Have a mystical Monday. See you tomorrow.

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