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Art, art, art. It's a lovely day to talk about art. Next semester I'm taking a class on 2D Design, so I bought the tearfully expensive textbook today and perused it. And I am so excited! I may just decide to keep the book instead of selling it back, it's that great. So many beautiful works of art explained so nicely. It doesn't pick apart the canvas, it just clues you in to how deep and almost scientific these works really are. I'm so excited to start this class, even though it's mandatory to receive my web design certificate, this will help me a lot in my drawing and painting as well.

Now check this out, Wool and Water. The artist, Amy Earles, creates the most elite paper dolls on the planet. My favorite is this vampire bat girl.

But she also makes lovely prints, like this oddly enchanting print called "Mutation of Instinct."

Check out her Flickr page for more paper dolls. They are mind blowing. Like kafrickenboom.

Last, I'd like to share the work of Brian Despain. He's already well known in indie-art circles (if there are such things) and his paintings of robots make me want to cry. The same way my mom's vanilla cupcakes do.

Beautiful, right? Unspeakably tragic and graceful robots floating through a monotone sky. Perfect. His viewpoints on art are fantastic as well. Couldn't agree with him more.

I hope I brought some beauty to your life today. Or entertainment, or whatever. I'll talk to you cats tomorrow.

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