Ode to Asian Markets :: Foodie Thursday

Garish rainbow packaging, toothy grinning mascots, odd flavors, and uninterpretable labels. It sounds like the world's worst grocery store, but is in fact, the world's greatest. Creamier candy, crunchier cookies, and unexpected flavor combos any food connoisseur would be impressed with can be found in your local Asian market. We just got one in our tiny coastal hicktown, and I couldn't be more pleased if we were bestowed with a Forever 21 or a fourth Starbucks. Please, do you and your mouth a favor and find one in your area. Or if you're lacking, try ordering from an online store. You can also check Cost Plus World Market or even the regional foods section of your grocery store for goodies such as Pocky...

Dipped toasted cookie sticks in myriads of lovely flavors, my favorite being classic chocolate.

Sanko Hakumai Yaki...

Crispy rice crackers with delicate crunchy icing and a dusting of soy sauce flavored powder.


Moist little pancakes filled with red bean paste (don't knock it til you try it, red bean paste changed my life, y'all)

Ramune Soda...

Your typical soda, but in fun flavors like lychee, mango, peach, and melon. Also for some reason, there's a marble in the cap that you have to punch into the bottle to open the seal. Personally, I think it adds magical yummy happy time flavors.

You can find all these products and more at the online store I linked above.

So get out to your nearest Asian market and go crazy! You won't be sorry.

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