How To Be Stylish Whilst Camping

I'm going camping this weekend. It might not seem like it if you know me, but I love camping! I love having no makeup, wild kinky hair, grungy stinky campfire clothes, and bare feet. It's the perfect time to be anti-Andrea. But, as with everything else I do, there is a measure of fashion and dignity required. Even when being rugged and slightly animalistic. Here's a useful checklist for maintaining style in the wilderness...

*Hats. Polka dot, shearling, knit, neon, whatever. Wear them.
*Cherry chapstick. Protects your lips and serves as an emergency food source.
*Big, baggy, bright, fleece sweats. Preferably with a moose motif.
*Red sunglasses and aviator sunglasses. Sporty sunglasses are a big N-O, unless you actually play sports.
*A head scarf for when the weather is warmer but your hair is still atrocious.
*Baby wipes for washing your face. (Because honestly, who's going to shower while camping?)
*Purple acid wash skinny jeans. Yes I bought them, they're bear proof!

And since I'm going to be gone over the weekend and Monday, here's some links to help make the withdrawals a little easier.

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