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Hello, welcome to Wednesday.

If you're one of those odd people who has all these big ambition plans and spends hours hunting for their next project to tackle this week, you will really like One Pretty Thing, a blog that daily lists not just one but many pretty things you can craft yourself. On the other hand, if you're like me and you spend equal hours searching for projects, but never commit to doing anything but decorating your room with clothespins and clearance twine, you'll enjoy this blog too, I promise. Lots to be fruitlessly inspired by. Nesting doll salt and pepper shakers, hanging lightbulb vases, and rocket ship pillows, to name a fraction. Oooh yeaah.

I've only DIYed one thing this past week, it's super duper awesome but also top secret. So instead I'll give you some awesome things I'm serious considering crafting sometime soon. Really, I am!
Vintage handmirror wall art
Free printable calendar- it looks like an awesome little 3D town!
Make your own Millenium Falcon
Necklace out of tights- or nylons or stockings or what have you
Scoodie- it's not what you think, or, well, maybe it is
Tomorrow will be a better day. Because we get to talk about foooood. Mmmm. I'm seriously salivating as we speak. It's a wonder I'm not four hundred pounds and covered in chocolate and olive tapenade.

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