Friday Flapper Fashion

Do you ever wish you were one of those rich young socialites with their fringed minidresses and patent leather spike boots, taking random pictures in exclusive clubs and canoodling with up and coming fashion designers and magazine editors? Me neither. But that doesn't mean the lifestyle still amuses me. And when you combine an insider peek on club life in l.a. with quick and easy inspiration, you've got the fantasmic blog because im addicted. Check out her blog for frequent mini updates, full of beautiful fashion photography and fun outfits.

As for me, I'm contemplating turning a new fashion leaf. I've always wanted to have a "look." I had my junior high emo/punk phase, I had the contrasting tight jeans and surfer brands phase, but pretty much everything else has successfully eluded definition. Now I'm seriously considering trying a flapper girl phase. Check out these classy, irresistable ladies...

What's surprising is there were so many diverse styles in the 20s. You usually think of baggy dresses, fringe, bobbed hair, and heavy eyeliner. But if you were a stylish young thing in the silent film era, you could wear headscarves, knee socks, romantic blouses, huge hoops, cut off shorts, mounds of jewelry, and even rock a sexy Robert Smith hairdo. All I'm saying, people, is that I know what date I'm setting my time machine to.

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