The Miracle that Was... WDIY

Guess what? I did something! For reals, y'all! But I can't take all the credit, because this was the most poorly thought out, impulsive, caffeine-induced, nightmare project I've ever undertaken and I'm convinced the gods of DIY blessed me. Maybe because the fabric I used was salvaged out of a clearance bin it was thrown into for being too purple-diamond-and-amoeba-y. The gods of DIY are compassionate deities.

In case you didn't know, knit fabric is the Gary Busey of the sewing world. It is unpredictable, unforgiving, and forces its philosophies on you when you try to interview it. I kid, I kid (check out the link, it will be much funnier, but watch out for the curses and whatnot). So after perusing my mom's knit fabric book for a languous twenty seconds, I decided I taught myself enough through osmosis and went to cutting up the fabric. I didn't have a pattern, because I didn't want to buy one, and I wanted to make the shirt NOW. Not after a trip to Wal-mart.

So I got my favorite t-shirt and estimated what pieces went together to make it and traced around those. I found the fabric to be quite easy to work with, as long as I was constantly shifting and patting and loosening, so that it averaged out somewhere between being pulled too tight or held too loose. Then I sewed together the pieces the way my old t-shirt was sewn together. I did change the sleeves so that the trim matched the collar though. It just looked nicer and... covered up a mistake I made in cutting them out. Tee hee. Then it was done, and voila! A shirt that doesn't look too terrible. It's a miracle! Now to find the human sacrifice I promised...

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  1. Wow! That shirt's actually really cool! Found the fabric in a bargain bin huh? Makes me wish I was good at doing...things and...such...